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Promote your jobs to millions of job seekers and connect with top talent on auto pilot!

Automated LinkedIn Headhunting

Connect with your ideal candidates on LinkedIn and start a dialouge all on auto pilot!

Recruitment Advertising

Promote your vacancies to millions of job seekers on the UK’s best job boards!

ATS & Career Websites

Review your applications in our easy to use ATS – includes a free career website!

About Us

About Us


Jobbo is a UK based recruitment advertising and software business, made up of a team of recruitment and technology professionals.

We believe that, with the advancements in web technology, employers should no longer require the services of a traditional (and expensive!) recruitment agency.

Talented people are more accessible than ever before. The key to hiring these people is engagement. And this is how Jobbo helps.

Using our platform you can promote your vacancies to your exact targets on social media, instantly connect with them and begin the conversation.

We also advertise your vacanies across the UK’s biggest job boards, review every application and provide you with a shortlist in our ATS.

Every candidate is yours so you will never pay a hiring fee!

What We Do

What We Do

linkedin automation

Automated LinkedIn Headhunting

LinkedIn has more than 300 million active users. Each of these users have specified their current job title, their career history, their current working location and more.

Advertising jobs on LinkedIn is a great way to attract active job seekers – but what if the best candidates are already employed and not actively looking for a new role?

Jobbo enables you to specify the exact requirements and filters needed to laser target your ideal candidates. Then, with the help of automation, you will connect, direct message and begin a conversation with your targets about your company and available vacancy.

Our tool can help you reach a huge number of perfect candidates and infinitley more productive.

You can drastically increase your talent pipeline in a short space of time and can begin to see results almost overnight.

Recruitment Advertising

The UK’s leading job boards (e.g. Totaljobs, Indeed, Reed etc.) have over 20 million job seekers visit their respective websites each month. These people are all active job seekers and could be looking for the jobs that you have available right now.

But not all job seekers use each job board and so by not advertising everywhere you risk losing out on that perfect hire.

On the flip side, advertising your vacancies on all job boards could mean a lot of irrelveant applications. Resulting in time wasted wading through every CV and sending your rejection replies.

Jobbo promotes your vacancies on all of the UK’s leading job boards + reviews every CV + replies to all of your rjected applications + provides you with a relevant shortlist so that you can focus on interviewing and hiring.

The best part is that every application belongs to you and you will never need to pay us for making any number of hires! 

recruitment advertising
free applicant tracking system

ATS & Career Website

Every Jobbo customer has access to a completely free ATS which is packed full of features including:

Customisable career website

Talent pool

Zoom integration

Onboarding management

And much more!

If you have your own career website and ATS then we can filter your applications and sync them to your system with our Zapier integration!





How does our automated LinkedIn headhunting work?

We use LinkedIn’s powerful filters to search for your exact targets – we can search by job title, location, industry etc, but we can be super specific and search by years in the role, years of experience, company they work for and more. Once we have narrowed down the filter, our software automatically connects and continues to engage with the prospect, advising them of your business and the role you are recruiting for. If the contact is interested then we capture their application and add it to your shortlist.

Are your methods GDPR compliant?

Yes. Every application or contact found on LinkedIn gives consent to providing their CV/profile information for the purposes of being added to your shortlist and/or introduced to your active vacancy.

We require all applicants to complete an online form as part of the process before they can be considered, is this possible?

Yes! When we promote your jobs online we can direct all job seekers straight to the relevant form on your website. And in the LinkedIn messaging we can add this same link so that interested individuals can navigate straight to your website and complete the form too.

What happens if we don’t find any suitable applicants during the campaign?

Unfortunately, nothing is life is guaranteed (except taxes…). We understand that if you don’t find a suitable applicant this can frustrating. However, we promise not to give up on your campaign and will happily run the campaign again for another 6 weeks at no extra cost to you. Occasionally, should your vacancy be rather niche, we may need to ask for additional investment from you to promote the role(s) on specialist job boards or forums. However, we would always try to understand the role fully before beginning a campaign and we can discuss the correct solution in detail before you make any decisions.

What happens if we want to hire several applicants from a single campaign? Are there any additional fees?

Every application belongs to you / your business and we won’t charge you any additional fees no matter how many hires you make from a single campaign. You can keep every applicant on your database for future reference too and contact them again in the future should another suitable vacancy arise, we still wont charge you any other fees! (Please make sure your GDPR / Privacy notices include how and why you may store applicant data on your systems!)

I’ve been contacted by Jobbo and I wish to have my data removed from your system.

You can request your data be removed from Jobbo’s systems at any time by clicking here. We’ll remove your data from our system, we’ll add your email address(es) in to a blocked sender list and we’ll add your LinkedIn profile into a blocked list too. Please note that this process can take up to 5 days to be completed and we will confirm via email when it is complete.

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Contact Us


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